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How to Apply

Grant Application Cover Letter

Applicants must fill out the Grant Application Cover Letter and submit a formal grant proposal written on their institution’s letterhead (see resource links about grant writing at the bottom).  The letter, which should not exceed four typewritten pages, should succinctly explain:

  • The problem or need your 501(c)(3) organization plans to address
  • A statement of how granted funds will contribute to solving or ameliorating the problem or fulfilling the need, including the project’s principal objectives and expected outcome
  • How the proposed project relates to The Olive Tree Foundation, Inc.’s mission and fulfills eligibility guidelines
  • Whether the project requires partnerships with other organizations and their importance to its success
  • Qualifications of the applying institution and the project’s principal personnel
  • Timetable for the project or mission
  • Plan for assessing the project’s results
  • Total estimated project budget including the amount requested from the Foundation and any other anticipated sources of support
  • Plan for sustaining the project after grant funding expires

Applicants must also attach:

  • The curricula vitae of key staff
  • An IRS Letter of Determination
  • More detailed budget breakdowns and
  • Background information concerning your institution and its board members

Strongly recommended:

  • A short video or videos about your organization provides Olive Tree Foundation grant committee members greater understanding of your organization’s purpose and needs.

For the 2018 grant-making year, materials must be submitted to between Jan. 2, 2018-May 31, 2018.  Based on a review of the letter/proposal and supplementary materials, applicants may be contacted for scheduling of a site visit by an OTF representative or to request further information.  If so, specific instructions will be provided.

All applicants will be notified of the decision on their proposal.  An applicant whose request has been denied is expected to until the next grant-making year before reapplying.

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