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Grant Application Cover Sheet

While many organizations have their own grant proposal formats, grant applicants often leave out pertinent information. Email your completed Grant Application Cover Sheet (along with supporting documents as laid out in How to Apply) to:


*Date of Application: _________________


*Legal name of organization applying: ______________________________________________________

(Should be same as on IRS determination letter and as supplied on IRS Form 990)


*Year Founded: __________________

*Current Operating Budget: ______________________________


*Executive Director/Chairperson: __________________________

*E-mail Address: ___________________________


*Contact person/title/phone number:

(if different from executive director or chairperson): ______________________________________________________


*Address (principal/administrative office): ______________________________________________________


*City/State/Zip: ______________________________________________________


*Phone number: (     )__________________

Fax Number: (     )____________________


*Web address: ______________________________________________________


LinkedIn URL: ______________________________________________________


Facebook URL: ______________________________________________________


*List any previous support from The Olive Tree Foundation in the last 5 years: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

*Project Name: ______________________________________________________



*Purpose of Grant (two or three sentences): ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


*Dates of the Project: ____________________

*Amount Requested: $___________________________

*Total Project Cost: $____________________________


*Geographic Area Served: ______________________________________________________


_____________________________________       ___________________________________

Signature, Chairperson, Board of Directors                  Signature, Executive Director


_______________________________                   ___________________________________

Typed Name and Title                                                             Typed Name and Title


____________________                                            ____________________

Date                                                                             Date




Please provide the following information in this order. Use these headings, subheadings and numbers provided in your own word processing format, thus leaving flexibility for length of response.



  1. Executive Summary

  • Begin with a half-page executive summary. Briefly explain why your agency is requesting this grant, what outcomes you hope to achieve, and how you will spend the funds if the grant is made.


  1. Purpose of Grant

  • Statement of needs/problems to be addressed; description of target population and how they will benefit.
  • Description of project goals, measurable objectives, action plans, and statements as to whether this is a new or ongoing part of the sponsoring organization.
  • Timetable for implementation.
  • List of other partners in the project and their roles.
  • List of similar existing projects or agencies, if any, and explain how your agency or proposal differs, and what effort will be made to work cooperatively.
  • Description of the active involvement of constituents in defining problems to be addressed, making policy, and planning the program.
  • Description of the qualifications of key staff and volunteers that will ensure the success of the program. List of specific staff training needs for this project.
  • Long-term strategies for funding this project at end of grant period.
  1. Evaluation

  • Plans for evaluation including how success will be defined and measured.
  • Description of how evaluation results will be used and/or disseminated and, if appropriate, how the project will be replicated.
  • Description of the active involvement of constituents in evaluating the program.


  1. Budget Narrative/Justification

  • Grant budget; use the Grant Budget Format that follows, if appropriate.
  • A plan (on a separate sheet) that shows how each budget item relates to the project and how the budgeted amount was calculated.
  • List of amounts requested of other foundations, corporations and other funding sources to which this proposal has been submitted.
  • List of priority items in the proposed in the proposed budget, in the event that we are unable to meet your full request.


  1. Organization Information

  • Brief summary of organization’s history.
  • Brief statement of organization’s mission and goals.
  • Description of current programs, activities and accomplishments.
  • Organizational chart, including board, staff and volunteer involvement.


  1. A copy of the current IRS determination letter indicating 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status.
  2. List of Board of Directors with affiliations.
  3. Finances:
    • Organization’s current annual operating budget, including expenses and revenue.
    • Most recent annual financial statement (independently audited, if available; otherwise, attach Form 990).
  1. Letters of support should verify project need and collaboration with other organizations. (Optional)
  2. Annual report, if available.




Below is a listing of standard budget items. Please provide the project budget in this format and in this order


A. Organizational fiscal year: _______________________

B. Time period this budget covers: ___________________

C. For a CAPITAL request, substitute your format for listing expenses. These will likely include:   architectural fees, land/building purchase, construction costs, and campaign expenses.

D. Expenses: include a description and the total amount for each of the following budget categories, in this order:

                                              Amount requested from                           Total project expenses

                                                           this organization

Salaries                                 $__________                                      $__________

Payroll Taxes                       $__________                                      $__________

Fringe Benefits                    $__________                                      $__________

Consultants and

Professional Fees                $__________                                      $__________

Insurance                             $__________                                      $__________

Travel                                    $__________                                      $__________

Equipment                           $__________                                      $__________

Supplies                                $__________                                      $__________

Printing and Copying         $__________                                      $__________

Telephone and Fax             $__________                                      $__________

Postage and Delivery          $__________                                      $__________

Rent                                       $__________                                      $__________

Utilities                                 $__________                                      $__________

Maintenance                        $__________                                      $__________

Evaluation                            $__________                                      $__________

Marketing                             $__________                                      $__________

Other (specify)                    $__________                                      $__________

Total amount requested        $__________  Total project expenses          $__________


E. Revenue: include a description and the total amount for each of the following budget categories, in this order; please indicate which sources of revenue are committed and which are pending.


                                                              Committed                 Pending

  1. Grants/Contracts/Contributions

Local Government                               $__________              $__________

State Government                                $__________              $__________

Federal Government                           $__________              $__________

Foundations (itemize)                        $__________              $__________

Corporations (itemize)                       $__________              $__________

Individuals                                            $__________              $__________

Other (specify)                                     $__________              $__________

  1. Earned Income

Events                                                   $__________              $__________

Publications and Products                 $__________              $__________

  1. Membership Income              $__________ $__________
  2. In-Kind Support                      $__________ $__________
  3. Other (specify)                         $__________ $__________

Total Revenue                                 $__________              $__________