When does The Olive Tree Foundation accept grant applications? We typically accept grant applications from January through late April. However, it is best to check the website in early December for specific dates.

When should I apply for a grant? Keep in mind that The Olive Tree Foundations makes grants in the fourth quarter (the end) of each calendar year. Apply accordingly.

Does my organization really have to be headquartered in the United States? Yes; we only make grants to U.S.-based nonprofits.

Does it matter what geographic areas within the U.S. my organization serves? We make grants to nonprofits throughout the country. However, individual grant committee members may have an affinity to a particular community.

May I apply if my organization serves communities outside of the U.S.? Yes, we make grants to U.S.-based nonprofits that serve other countries in need.

May I apply if my organization is operating at a deficit? Yes, but keep in mind the grants are competitive and having a deficit could put your organization at a disadvantage. Your grant application should include the reason for the deficit, what you will do to rectify the deficit, and why the grant committee should consider your organization as sustainable.

What are some other reasons an organization might be rejected for funding? Grant applications may be rejected if the application is incomplete, information is missing, information is unclear, projects don’t meet mission requirements, organizations are ineligible, or if competing applicant projects better fit our mission.

If my grant request is declined, will I receive information stating why? No; each year the number of grant applicants grows exponentially, and considering our limited funds, we cannot reply to each declined applicant with reasoning.

How do I apply? Visit our How to Apply page, read the instructions carefully and then click the submit button to access to the online form.